What is Mercy?

We say, “Lord have mercy”, and I never thought of it as an action before. Even though the having makes it so.

Yet, God’s mercy ultimately comes to us by the greatest action in history—His death for our Life.

When I was in the thick of a broken marriage—a husband denying everything I held dear—I was stagnant, without action only sorrow. But once God propelled me to Love my husband—once I took action to express that love to my husband without expecting any salvation in return, I found triumph—not in converting him back, but in a peace that surpasses understanding, a relinquish of control to God alone, and the witness of the Kingdom of God within our walls (whether he admits it or not).

Mercy is not just allowing someone to sit in their pit without condemnation.

Mercy is loving them actively, as Christ continually loves us.

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