To Convert an Atheist, Church

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The other day, as my son got tested for Covid, our doctor exclaimed that this is a time of watching Science in action. He said that we forget Science is meant to be constantly deciphered to prove or disprove the current thought or theory.

Now, if you are reading this through an anti-evolutionary lens (as I once claimed as my own), you might be quick to say, "Exactly! Just because it's a theory doesn't mean it's true."

But, after six years of living with my husband, and being forced to face the facts of what Science really is about, I realized that theories aren't just thrown out there to support an agenda (at least the most scientific, researched, peer-reviewed theories aren't). Theories are developed from the culmination of the most evidence found at that point in time. Does that mean that more evidence won't crop up to prove the theory lacking? Absolutely not. But, it does mean that the theory is actually worth considering as a valid new glimpse into a deeper understanding of the Creation of God (of course, that's my spin on it. My husband would not agree with that last bit, necessarily).

Unsurprisingly, my very Science-minded husband threw the baby out with the bathwater mostly because of this false dichotomy of Christianity vs. Science. Stubborn as I am, I held on to the baby with all my strength. But, finally, I washed away my muddied vision, or maybe the baby did, and realized I had unnecessary boundaries on my precious worldview.

So, today, I received a text thread from my husband after our governor FINALLY implemented some Covid mitigation for our suffering state. And with his permission, I'll share it with you:

We used to listen to anti-evolution audio books with our children. As a young mom, Science was a threat to Salvation. As a young mom, I feared evolutionists, science museum curators, science teachers, and anyone else who chose to explore deeply the intricate, uncontainable world around us (To be fair, I know there are aggressive atheistic agendas out there that villainize Christianity, but I believe most are sad responses to a long history of rejection and shame, most of which originates in the Church--and that, is a terrible consequence that must be redeemed).

As the wife of an atheist, I have had the chance to understand that my lens was not worth a man's salvation. I was actually able to peel away the rose-colored tint that told me I had all the answers. And, I realized that all I had feared was not scary at all. It only made me see God as bigger, more mysterious, and completely out-of-this-world extraordinary in His ways.

The God of the Universe offers us an endless chance to explore His expansive world in the discipline of Science. Science is a gift, not an atheistic ploy.

Unfortunately, with every scientific discovery in history, the Church proved to be the greatest resistor. There was a fear of losing power, or a fear of disbelief, I guess. But, the very saddest truth is that the souls the Church shunned were the very men and women God allowed to claim discoveries from which we currently benefit.

And yet, even now, in the midst of a pandemic, religion is becoming an excuse to discount Science. We have gotten to this point in the American know, the age where God is used to justify the refusal of masks, of medicine, of public health, of Science...because we have grounded our faith in picture-book explanations and easily digestible Bible stories. Is it because we are too set on our written certainties framing up a comfortable worldview? Maybe. But doesn't God ask for our certainty only in Him alone? Isn't He the only certain "theory" for a Christian?

Perhaps, the American Church is being sifted like wheat right now. What if, instead of crossing our arms and hiding in our corners waiting for the end of the world, we consider ourselves to be on the earth for such a time as this country... precisely for those Scientists we despise, those Atheists who mock us?

What if we are meant to do a new thing in this era?

The pressure is on. Our credibility is being squeezed out by ill decisions and discounted Science. What if Science is one avenue where we are destined to eradicate fear-based thinking once and for all?

I dream that we can be the Church who celebrates the wonders of God, even the wonders God has chosen to reveal in the secular. The WHOLE world is His, after all. Imagine if we took the most care in handling and celebrating those wonders. What would the secular do? Because by our own posture Christ shines brightest. And unfortunately, by our own posture Christ stays hidden in the darkness as well. However, if we allow our posture to offer light, and if we truly try to throw away the dirty water of fear, maybe, the beauty of Darwinism won't be shunned by Christianity anymore, and we can focus on the most evident foundation of our faith.


And perhaps, maybe the atheists might just want to discover Him as well.

Could a Pandemic, a dire NEED for Science, be the very thing to convert an Atheist, Church?

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