This Way…Now That

I often speak too hastily, too much, too flippantly…then the task ahead is a matter of undoing.

Yet, there’s no such thing as unhearing (Or unseeing in our social media culture).

No matter if I take it back, I still have to deal with damage done, the lies that just sit as truth, the untruth that attaches to the truth and deforms it.

So much is at stake when our tongues, agendas, platforms begin to absorb faulty thinking or speaking. I saw the effects of it on the spirituality of a man from Christian to Atheist. I see it all over social media, casting a garish sheen on relationships wounded by division. Pride is the root of all that gabbing and creating “my truth”. For all of it centers on the single person. And it’s not the Person who matters most.

It’s not centered on the Person who is Truth.

Because if it was, we would hear and see Him, not the clanging cymbal or the exalted agenda.

From the Catena App

Lately, I have been absorbing (or trying to) the wisdom of the early Church Fathers. The paradigm shift is hefty and sluggish because my heart has been inundated with Western-isms. Every once in a while though, something pierces me right where I have been struggling.

And I find hope in knowing that Christ’s way is still the Life-giving one, and all the untruths, agendas, and words of Today, seem a little quieter. Even if the damage is already done, I know that in Christ alone it can be undone. 🙏☦️

(I have been using the app “Catena” to discover what the early Saints have said about each Scripture. It is amazing❤️)

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