The Importance of My Response

”My response is more holy than my opinion or solution…or the very opposite if I’m not careful.”

I run the risk of attaching untruths to God when I use Him to justify my cultural perspective. Of course, I must sift every moral challenge to keep from straying away from my Center, however most issues these days are much more complex than a simple opinion or solution might solve. I have come to find out that God’s will in many issues is much more mysterious and uncertain than some might claim.

Lately, I find myself in a season of tension between a God-informed stance and the danger of human-assigned Truth (no matter how much Biblical basis that’s drummed up. Confirmation bias is a term my Skeptic taught me long ago).

However, I am blessed to have relationship with the God of the Universe, and partake of His wisdom offered, even if it’s entwined in mystery.

What I do know of my God is His immense LOVE for Humanity, His offer of Perfect Humanity in Christ, and the words He gives us in Holy Scripture and from Apostolic traditions.

When I rely on my own intellect and interpretation to witness to the Atheist or the Skeptic, I risk an opaque barrier around my heart (and theirs? 😬) stopping Christ’s light from shining through.

But when I respond in love of relationship, grace for brokenness, and humility in posture then I create space for Holy ground.

And Holy ground is only God’s, and I should forever move out of the way for Him Alone.


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