The Curve Ball that Sent Me Further

I was walking a narrowing road to Jesus, holding my hand up in judgement to anything that could be questionable. I had practiced and memorized all the answers, the ways, the necessary things to be right in my corner of Christendom.

And I was tight with all the right people—skeptical of all the “wrong” ones.

Then, the man nearest to me spiraled out and away from our neat Christian box. He saw past the fine edges of faith folks had created, and realized he was worshipping a manmade God after all.

And God let him stop at the crossroad, leave the narrow path, and turn away from any hope for the real deal.

That was when the curve ball took me round the bases of my own faith, kicking up all the dirt...passing by all the players who wore God like a badge.

I was one strike away from leaving God behind too—but I pushed further out from what man told me, stubborn to keep that ball in play, and no matter how much of what I had thought fell away, my heart was left with the prize that no man could construct—the heart of Who God is without all man’s baggage.

This morning my pastor talked about how Jesus was confusing and discombobulating to his disciples on Earth, and how this is exactly what kind of Savior we need. One who doesn’t allow us to get comfortable and just hang out with Him alone, but one who changes the plans, who pushes us toward a chance to do outrageous things for Him—for all the people who have yet to know Him.

I would miss the point if I thought my husband is just not someone God wants anymore. Maybe I once thought that only a certain few are called to be in God’s kingdom. Where’s the great commission in that?

No, our faith isn’t meant for our neatly constructed churches and agendas. Our faith is meant to jerk us to a reality of uncomfortable surrender of our own expectations, and push us further and further to bring the Gospel to the unexpected out there—to the atheists whose wives pray for them, to the men and women whose hardships are fuel for debate, to the marginalized who are ignored for power, to the Christians whose progress is rejected by the religious.

Further and further.

Til finally we love the same people that He loves. All of them.

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