Mystery of Faith

I have been on an interesting faith journey lately, exploring my roots in Orthodoxy, and it’s starting to open my eyes

to pitfalls that became stepping stones to the end of my husband‘s faith.

The quote above is on sacramental living in Orthodox Christianity. Leaning into mystery and accepting The Way because “Jesus said so” is a liberating thing. ❤️

This quote is from a podcast conversation on Orthodoxy Livd on March 29, 2021.

A caller said that she had grown up outside of Orthodoxy, having the burden of logical explanations to defend her faith, defend God. I believe that this mindset in Christianity could be a stumbling block for atheists who hold logic in high regard.

I have seen this mindset crumble the faith of a man because of this.

Is it the fear of the unknown that push believers to boxed-in explanations of an out-of-the-box God?

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