(Man)ufactured Christianity

Manufactured Christianity has stung me most lately, and this commentary about Mark 13:14-23 in the Orthodox Study Bible grabbed my attention today:

“Dazzling words claiming to set forth God’s prophetic scenario for the end times are at best speculative, and at worst, heretical.”

Heresy is a strong, ancient word. I think today’s Church culture has kinda replaced it with political leanings and exchanging deep theology for the self-led type. After all, “self” has become the focus, even in Christian identity.

These toeing-the-edge-of-heresy ideas...bedazzling, fearmongering, literal translations are more powerful than we might think.

They don’t just lead believers astray to focus on things that shouldn’t be focused on, but they create the question in a doubter’s mind—Can I really believe this?

Smells human to me.

Interpretations run the risk of becoming added words. Most Christians believe that we shouldn’t add words to God’s book. Yet, explanations ABOUT God’s words—when not sufficiently supported—add something worse: a man-made plan for God-only ordinations.

How can an unbelieving world trust human explanation assigned to God’s mystery? They see right through it.

Yet, I think even the most well-meaning Christians can sometimes forget that God doesn’t ask us to believe these interpretations. He asks us to believe Him.

I must take care around the person I love most, who has walked away from everything about religion because of manufactured Christianity.

I must take care to teach my children with “I don’t knows” more than “this is whys”.

We have a culture vying for our hearts, minds, and souls...let’s remember Who we truly belong to: A God Who’s Way is not our own.

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