Love Never Fails?

It’s easy to take Scripture for face value. If I absorb this for myself in my broken relationships, and think that my love is wrong in failing…

especially when my husband was deconverting…

then I wallow in self-hatred and doubt in any love at all (I remember this struggle being constant in my mind at the time).

If my love fails in the moment, then was it really love at all?

Yet, this fail-proof concept has nothing to do with my love, but everything to do with the Holy Love of a God who is Love.

Love never fails.

God never fails.

Especially in the midst of my brokenness and failing love, God’s Love is triumphant. God’s Love is unfailing, always there, and never never matched by anything on this Earth.

Though we may try. Only in surrendering to His Will and trusting His fullness, can we hope to experience this type of Love on Earth.

Love is unfailing in God Alone.

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