Kingdom Posture

“We don’t have to defend the faith, we simply present the faith. We leave it’s movement to the Holy Spirit.”

Fr Evan Armatas

”Orthodoxy Live”

This kinda blew me away as I listened to the Orthodoxy Live podcast. This is a refreshing, Christlike approach to witnessing, isn’t it? If I recall correctly, Jesus never defended, even when His Life depended on it.

In those early days of my husband’s deconversion, I defended and fought and demanded he listen. We could never talk about faith without it sounding like the talking heads on a political news station.

Now, 7 years later, I find we are able to have conversations about faith when I take this approach—presenting what I know without emotion or persuasion.

The change of heart is not on my shoulders.

That’s up to God only.

How many more souls would benefit from drawing closer to Christ if His followers didn’t defend the Gospel like it’s their possession, but present the Gospel as a gift to be given?

Hmm, posture is so important in Kingdom work, isn’t it?

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