In All Things

This theology has stuck with me lately. It’s difficult to believe when we are faced with a world that buys into dangerous ideals and destructive habits.

Often, I spiral and sit in turmoil after a heated conversation with someone who doesn’t just think differently than me, but laces their opinions with fear, alarm, and stubborn rebuke to all other things. Or worse, refuses to listen and consider a new perspective.

I know I am an idealist. I know I have a very strong bent toward justice and reconciliation. But, I don’t know how to step away from the urge to correct and convince, which most the time gets me absolutely nowhere.

It is difficult for me to muster up amiable feelings for someone who is bought into destructive, divisive thinking. Even someone dear to me. I immediately want to research and share and prove them wrong. This compulsion actually nearly destroyed my marriage during his early atheist professions. To share the evidence against a loved one’s way of thinking usually damages the relationship. I have rarely changed a mind by seeking and sharing truth that way.

Today, I wrestled the same as I had back then, but with something different. And fighting my usual urge to engage, I wondered what God might have me do.

And then I thought about this: God is in all things.

He created all.

If He is truly in all things, then He certainly wants to change hearts and minds (of which He is in) more than I do. He certainly has more power to press up against the lies and obliterate them—in HIS perfect time—than me who is not in all things, who does not understand the fabric of the creation as intricately and all knowingly as the Maker who is In all things.

I forget that we as humans can deny God, can attach to sin and falsity and destruction, but, that doesn’t stop His ever-presence in all things, nor does it mean that we are forever doomed and walking further away.

It just means that we have a ways to go, and according to His timing, we aren’t there yet. Any of us.

He is here and there and everywhere. Our gunk might distract, but He’s in it—with grace and a plan that I cannot achieve any better. Thank God He is in all things. #Christianity #Theology

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