Hatred vs. Love

“Whoever sees in himself the traces of hatred for any man on account of any kind of sin is completely foreign to the love of God. For love for God does not tolerate hatred for man.”

I love the Catena app because it helps me realize that Christ’s message of Love has been preserved for centuries, even if history’s muck and mire covers it up. Even if good people slander His message and mix it with hatred.

How amazing that the words of a 6th century Christian can pertain so precisely to my struggles today?

This is where I am at. And I wish I could say that I am in the Love of God stance, but I realize that in many situations I am not.

I wish I could say that I fought for my marriage spouting words of Love and Grace toward my husband, that his walking away from God was met by a loving, Grace-bearing wife. But that would be a lie.

Yet, WHEN I was finally ready to receive God’s love in the situation, oh how the chains of hatred were broken so quickly!

👉Love is the only way to Life.👈

And now I must pray☝️ this☝️in these times of division on a grander scale, because it’s so easy to revert to hatred.🙏☦️

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