God Experienced

When I finally realized that doctrine held little weight to my skeptical husband, I was free to surrender to God’s control of his own experience.

After all, He first enlivened the Early Church through experience—the fulfillment of Humanity in the Life of Christ, the equipping of the Apostles through Pentecost, the worship, the liturgy of the Divine—in homes, in catacombs, in prison cells. Experience before doctrine.

His power is infinitely greater than any explanation or guideline.

He is a God who is Creator, Savior, Comforter. He is the Trinity who is mysterious and all-saving.

No matter how much I love the unbeliever, the skeptic, my love is not greater than His love for that which He created, longs to save, longs to comfort.

Doctrine isn’t saving. Experiencing God in His Fullness is saving. I am thankful for good doctrine that beautifully elaborates. But doctrine is only good in the tension of mystery. And it’s in that mystery that I must surrender to the unknown of what God has in store, and what lies ahead for the skeptic I love.

I am thankful to rediscover the foundation of the faith, even before the doctrine was inked. And I will pray that those I love open their hearts to the experience God ordains.☦️❤️🙏

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