From Cynicism to Delight

How do I step away from cynicism to delight?

These two states are opposite each other in my Bible study (Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen).

Cynicism is the perfect word for the lens I view the world these days. It’s sprouted ugly weeds. I remember a season in my studies when Beth Moore warned of it—right before my husband cast off all his faith from its overwhelming creeping.

I will admit, the wars and issues and opinions of this world is fertile ground for my own cynic heart. I think I have let it grow so tall that hardly a ray of light can reach me.

Delight is a childish memory.

But, it shouldn’t be.

The Bible tells me so.

The childish things that used to delight me—the stuff, the material—aren’t cutting it, and that’s how it’s supposed to be as a Christian. If I am truly going to cut out the cynicism, I must remember where my delight is found now—knowing the Gospel Love, the Just Maker.

I can delight in the hope and assurance that Christ is ahead on the journey, within the present moment, doing far grander work than I could ever do. That doesn’t mean I don’t have work though.

Like my pastor said today—we have the work to do...we have our place in the Mark 4:26-29 parable...but ultimately, ours is seed-scattering work... not the mysterious work of God’s growing.

My cynicism creeps from the disappointment in a world either being too complacent or too forceful—from the disappointment of my own heart’s reaction to take on more or less than I should.

But, only God can truly bring about beauty and justice...and I am just called to do some work, to take some time, and to rest often.

Delight is knowing that everything clicks into God’s plan regardless of my own effort.

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