Dark to Light

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

There is a difference between viewing someone as a sinner versus as a lost sheep.

This shift in perspective takes the condemnation away from their deeds, and focuses on our suffering—the depravity of existence without the light of Christ.

Sinfulness, darkness, stagnation.

Many people these days try and marry the darkness with the light, saying you can sit in the darkness and the light will shine on you anyway. Some call the darkness light according to our own interpretations. Some don’t realize the magnitude of light because of their consumption of darkness for so long.

But, I think there might be more to it than even that. If God’s mercy is an action toward us, than how can we accept it and stay in our darkness? I for one, want to outrun my current suffering, darkness, and discover more deeply the Holy Joy of Christ in all things.

If I am lost in thought, word, or deed, then my focus isn’t on being found, it’s only on the worldly existence. It is only when I look ahead, see Christ coming for me, that I can no longer sit and wait for Him to arrive in my darkness.

I cannot wait. I run toward Him, casting off the diet of darkness of and finding my comfort and bearings in Him Alone.



Christ is timeless and boundless and this world is a tiny box.

Only in my shift, my heart’s movement toward Him, can I be His light to the world.

And it first starts with the Shepherd finding me and calling me to look up.

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