Common Sense is Good: Gun laws aren’t bad

As a Christian, I am confused by the rhetoric out there that ties my beliefs to a certain stance on gun control. That is a lie. My Christianity should inform what I would do with a gun, but my Christianity doesn’t tell me that government shouldn’t put good laws into place because of the danger of unlawful gun owners. If anything, my Christianity tells me to be smart and stand up for the weak, the poor, the children sitting in classrooms waiting for their drills to become reality.

As a Christian, I must live out the calling of Kingdom work—peacemaking work—works of love and long suffering.

I truly believe that our country is great, but some lies must be weeded out—and one lie is that we don’t need laws around gun ownership. It makes little sense when we have laws around automobile use, alcohol consumption, and several other laws that are put in place in a free society for the good and safety of all.

I know good people who own guns legally and safely. And, I don’t expect anyone who is careful and lawful to have guns taken away. That’s not the point of common sense gun laws...even if politicians and the NRA would have you believe that.

My prayers are strong when I send my kids off to school or the store. Always have been...but always accompanied by an image of a shooter, if I am honest. And my prayers are hysterical at each shooting...when my greatest fear becomes someone else’s reality. But, I can’t just stop at prayer.

I also believe that action is often expected after such praying. It can’t just stop at Amen.

First, we must pray and know how to pray. And second, we must be the hands and feet...moving toward a cross that doesn’t conform to 18th century gun rights, but conforms to the will of a God who loves His children...actually the whole world...and entrusts His followers to protect, care, and make wise decisions to honor Him.

Read this article to understand the perspective of a shooting survivor.

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