Blessed are those who Mourn

Sermon on the Mount by Amy-Jill Levine

Grief feels like a thief, yet it leaves a treasure behind. It is a gift to love deeper, more purely, and more desperately with the knowledge that life is indeed so very short.

Six years ago, I realized that grief does not just occur from the death of a loved one. A painful, long lasting grief also happens at the loss of life that was once lived fully, loss of life that we might have taken for granted. My greatest bout of mourning occurred when our equally-yoked marriage became lopsided. I didn’t realize how precious Christ-centeredness was. My mourning was a journey over time and spaces that erased the familiar and tiptoed along unknown—and often unwanted—frontiers. But, all the while, the mourning ushered in a fertile softness to my heart to treasure love in new depths.

And now, life has changed again, shifted, morphed into a subdued pandemic living where pain and loss lace my spirit as I think back on the freedom of gatherings and friendships in person. Yet, in this place, love is. Love is taken for granted less. Life is different, but no less abounding. In face of grief, love seems brightest. And that is why we are blessed by the mourning. 🙏

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