A Word about Prayer during these 40 Days to the Nativity

I haven’t posted in a while—on a major book deadline and have also been part of a Psalter Group (a 40 day reading of the book of Psalms…this season, we’ll have read through the book of Psalms twice by Christmas Day).

So finishing up a novel and reading several Psalms a day (sometimes I have double the reading after a particularly busy day) has kept me very busy—or at least given my blogger heart permission to rest.;)

But I stumbled upon this quote in about my psalter book (Songs of Praise: A Psalter Devotional for Orthodox Women by Sylvia Leontaritis), and I thought it was so good and had to share. If you are like me, married to a Skeptic, raising kids who may or may not have dedicated their lives to Christ authentically, I pray this blesses you today:

As I journey deeper in my understanding of the fullness of Christ, I keep telling myself, PRAY for them. I can push them to Church, spout theology, force them to listen, but if I am truly faithful to a living and working God, my greatest task in this life is to pray. That is the most effective act, the most treasured discipline I have to bless my family.

May your own journey toward the nativity of our Savior be filled with blessing this season!❤️

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