A Christmas Note

I treasured these things and pondered them in my heart. Not the gifts or the lights or the ornaments. No, this is just the setting. This is just the stage.

I watched the stage deconstruct and paper fly and ornaments shake on this Christmas morning, and even that, I did

’t really ponder on.

No, the stuff just doesn’t get any credit, really.

Jesus’s first breath shows us the setting wasn’t the treasure. The stable, manger, lowly hillside weren’t the treasure.

The gifts from the Magi weren’t the treasure.

We forget that even the people of the day weren’t the treasure he came to point us toward.

The treasure Christ gave us was the Love unlike any other prophet or rabbi. The peace unattainable in our human effort. And the kingdom of God in our reach, in our lives, in our hearts.

I sat and pondered the love, the joy, the connection to these treasure-bearers of mine. I treasured up the memories amidst flying paper and shaking ornaments.

Not because the stuff would slip away, but because the greatest gift was shining bright. The life He gave us, beyond my effort or credit card. The life within my children that only He can wrap up in human form for the treasure of a mother’s heart.

I told my husband last night, after a frustrating bout with our teen, and our apathy to continue to wrap his presents, that there is no good parent that withholds Christmas gifts because their child is naughty. We don’t do it to reward good behavior, we do it as a token of our love.

Jesus wasn’t a gift to those who deserved it. He was, and is, a token of Love for all of us who get distracted by the setting and fall short. He is Love unwavering. He is our gift.

And He is so bright this Christmas morning.

❤️Merry Christmas❤️ #Christmasmorning #Jesusisborn #faith #love #devotional #loveunwavering

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