A Chance at Together: Voting reflections

I focused on the tree on purpose. You can’t really tell, but the leaves are falling at a steady pace, the season of change is in full swing here. On this voting day, I wrestled with understanding a fear of change.

A wise man recently lamented, “School boards should not be political”, but with the past few years we’ve had—politics has proven to be an all-consuming monster—even now with the kids—not just my kids, but all kids.

I hear the fear in certain voices—fear that they will lose power, a voice, an ideal. I see the cuts of political rhetoric shaping and molding and scaring and convincing.

But all I really want from my school board is change for the long haul—without political agenda causing an uproar for digging heels and bulling past community for their own agendas. Change is not just a bandaid, it’s a paradigm shift. It has to start soon because it’s going to take a good long while.

Today, I voted for a future where the social injustices of today become history (and being on an equity committee, I have begun to hear stories of people who are bruised by age old ways of thinking and schooling. I have listened about children-now-adults who are emotionally scarred by the systems preventing clear paths to their own successes). And the candidates who will do this don’t toot a political platform, only their credentials and dreams. It makes me sad that political parties have gotten their claws in—by promoting certain candidates—dividing our community further. I am also distressed by the candidates who had no shame in tooting their political ties as a reason for a vote.

I want folks on my school board who aren’t afraid of making wise decisions for the sake of children (not ranting parents). My number one purpose as a parent is to forge a path for my children to be servant leaders, help close the gaps not widen them, and follow their own dreams without disregarding those who don’t have the resources to do the same.

We are in this together. Or should be. I voted for a chance at “together” even if fear is trying to define “together” on its own terms. Fear is not going to win on my ballot. ✅

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