In 2014, more than a decade's worth of Christ-centered marriage came to a halt when my husband became an atheist. He had believed in God all his life. During his deconversion, I had never felt so alone. My greatest concern was for the future of our family...



sharing life with an unbelieving spouse


I didn't know anyone who was dealing with a loved one who had walked away from faith.

If you are like me, we are not alone.

  1. "In 2015, 44% of Americans identified themselves as post-Christian."

  2. "33 % of American adults [had] a spouse or partner with a religion different than their own." This was from 2014, the same year we became this stat.

My greatest fear was that he didn't value our family life. What would life be like with an unbelieving spouse? I was uninformed. I thought we were nothing alike anymore. However,

3. "Among American Atheists, most mentioned 'family' as a source of meaning to life."

Still, I didn't know if I loved him enough to stay. Now, six years later, he's still an atheist, I am a Christian, we're raising kids... 

and I am so glad I stayed.


Do you find yourself married to an atheist or religious none? Has your spouse stepped into a post-Christian worldview? You are not alone. A marriage to an unbelieving spouse can not only survive, but thrive by the faith of the believer and the mutual love shared.

Take heart, do not fear, and find encouragement in 


1.according to research on

2. according to a 2014 Pew Research article

referring to the major Protestant traditions--evangelical, mainline, and historically black.

3. according to a 2014 Pew Research article. Family is a source of meaning to life for 63% atheists and 73% Christians.